Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Up and Moving! and Loving Life!!!

While my No S diet is in full swing and absolutely wonderful, I've finally gotten up and moving. Two days in a row I've walked 2 miles. 2 MILES!!! I don't think I've ever walked that far. hehe! Yesterday (my first day) I just kinda walked out of my house and kept walking around my neighborhood and circled back home. Later in the day I drove the path I took to see how long it was and as I pulled into my driveway it was 1.9 miles, so close to 2 miles that I just had to push myself the extra tenth of a mile today, which wasn't very hard. My plan is to lengthen my walk a little bit every week and maybe even in the not so distant future add in some light jogging (which is a big deal for me). The best thing about all of this is I'm finally able to put Successes in my HabitCal for walking and I feel so good about myself for really doing it, and it's absolutely addicting, I actually look forward to my walks and I can't wait to see some results!
That's all for now!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My first S Day Experience

Ok so after Thursday's bump in the road I was very strict on Friday and then Saturday came. I had been anticipating Saturday all week and it finally came! I was surprisingly ok without seconds or sweet all week and I was feeling really good about NoS considering it was my first week, but I still anticipated the weekend pretty fiercely. I don't feel like I was an idiot about the S days, but now looking back on them I think I could have brought it down a notch or two. Considering it was my first time with S's I did a pretty decent job. And yesterday was Easter, while my mom and I didn't really do anything special I did however make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (those are one thing I had been craving all week for reasons I can't seem to put my finger on) and after we went to the movies (with no ridiculously expensive snacks) the two of us split the Cadbury Egg that I had gotten at the Candy Store a few days before. Other than that Sunday was pretty harmless, I can't say that honestly about Saturday though, but I know feeling guilty about it isn't the point.
Now that I've started Monday off on the right foot once again I think I'm going to wrap this up and head outside for my first real Urban Ranger walk! I can't wait to see that first Success on my HabitCal which will hopefully stir up the motivation to keep the Calendar Green from here on out!

On A Side Note: Mom and I saw Sunshine Cleaning yesterday. It was a very good movie, maybe a bit odd, and definitely a chick flick, but I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it. =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I don't like the way that felt

Today was my first Failure with No S, and it hasn't even been a week. I did well most of the day. For breakfast I had a simple plate of 2 scrambled eggs, a piece of toast and 2 pieces of bacon. Then I spent the rest of the day with my boyfriend, We went out to Lunch, which was the first time i'd been out to eat all week. It was ok, I got a Smoked Turkey Wrap with a side of fruit, which was delicious, I only ate half the wrap and I even said no when my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to split a piece of Key Lime Pie (my favorite!). So far so good.

Then we walked around Colonial Williamsburg and he wanted to go to the Candy store, the fact that it wasn't an S day didn't even cross his mind so knowing that he really wanted to go I braced myself and we went in. When we opened the door the smell of sugar just about knocked me over (which never would have phased me before) and the first thing I saw were huge delicious looking strawberries dipped in chocolate! Everything that I would have normally said "Absolutely!" to I walked away from. So despite wanting to walk away with the entire store we bought a box of Maple Sugar candies which ingredients consist of Maple Syrup and Cane Sugar (That's All!!) and 2 Cadbury Eggs. I told him I wasn't going to eat any of it but when we left he said he had bought them for us to share, so when we got back to the car after a ton of protesting I broke down and had one of the smallest Maple Candy pieces, which was to die for by the way, and I put my Cadbury Egg in my purse to save for Easter. I didn't feel terrible but it wasn't until I got home that I realized that I would have to be honest with myself and put a Failure for the day on my HabitCal.

Then when Dinner rolled around mom was really craving Pizza, so we went to Azzurri which is the little Italian Restaurant by our house and got a pizza with a side order of French Fries. Not Ideal, but doable I suppose. I had one slice and a handful of fries on my plate and stopped after that, the rest were leftovers.

So everything was great until right after Lunch, then it was all pretty downhill. I stuck to the diet when it came to the meals but it was that one piece of candy that threw me off and it was definitely enough to make me feel bad.

I still haven't gotten out for a walk yet but I know I need to get moving so hopefully one day in the near future (if not sometime today) it'll just hit me and I'll be ready to walk everyday

just on a side note, those little candies are soooo rich and one is really enough, but when I read the serving size it was 5!! Before I probably wouldn't have a huge problem with eating the whole box but 5 of those things would be way too much for me now. I can see how the No S is really effecting the way I look at food and I didn't know there was anything wrong with the way I looked at it before. This is Awesome! =)

Day 4

ok so it's been a few days but it's been a little busy the past couple days. I've made sure to stay very strict about No S though, I was actually talking a lot about it with my mom and my cousin over dinner the other night, but they just made jokes and didn't take it seriously, but that's alright, I'll be the one laughing when I start losing weight.

One problem I've already found though is that my motivation to get out and walk is right at 0%. I've read the discussions in the Bulletin Board specifically about getting motivated, read the Urban Ranger poem and listened to Reinhard's Podcast on it. I know I need to get moving and even my boyfriend told me he'd walk with me on his days off, but it's just not working and at the same time I hate seeing the 3 red days in a row on my Walking HabitCal (with NO green days so far). I'm trying not to get too hard on myself about it but I can't seem to get out there. If any of you more experienced No Sers out there might have a tip or two it would be greatly appreciated!

Other than that I've been feeling really good about No S so far, it's so great, and I'm finding it to be really easy to do which is Priceless!

That's all I've got for now, and I'll try to make the gap between posts smaller from now on too.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 1!!

I just started TODAY!!!!
I skimmed through the NoS book in Barnes and Noble about a month ago and thought "oh, yeah ok whatever, seriously?? what's the catch here" and then figuring it would just be another waste of money I decided to buy it.
After 3 weeks or so of not even opening the book I finally decided to at least read it and give this idea a chance. The more I read the book the more I couldn't put it down! All I could think of was the V8 commercials where they hit people on the forehead for being stupid "DUH! Of course Excess is my problem!" I'm 19 years old and so sick and tired of carrying around more weight than necessary. When it comes right down to it I just want to feel good about the way I look...

As an extra motivator, which may be the real reason why i actually decided to read the book, is I just found out that my Cousin in Miami is getting married at the end of July, I haven't seen my family in Miami in 6 years and I'd love to be a bit thinner, more confident and maybe even comfortable in a cute bathing suit. That gives me a little less than 4 months to lose as much as I can, I'm not setting any goals or anything like that, I just want to see how much I can lose by following this diet, and from what I've read in other people's blogs it's absolutely life changing, and that is awesome.

I've seen a bunch of different approaches to this blog thing which are all spectacular and motivating, but I think what I'm going to do is basically just keep a log of what I've
been eating and how much exercise I've been getting in each day and just keep it simple.

Today, so far I had planned on going for a walk this morning before breakfast when I woke up to a thunderstorm so that was postponed. Instead of letting that get me down I went into the kitchen and made myself some breakfast (which is a rare occurrence for me during the week) i made a bacon egg and cheese sandwich but instead of putting it on regular toast i toasted two waffles for my sandwich just to change it up a bit. putting the sandwich on a small plate i noticed there was still some room so i added a handful of green seedless grapes, and poured myself a glass of orange juice. it was a great breakfast and it was the perfect amount of food to hold me over until lunch time around 1:30.
For Lunch i made a Turkey Sandwich, on Wheat bread, with the correct serving size of Mustard, Turkey, one slice of Cheese, and 2 pieces of bacon, a Pickle spear, and another handful of grapes (they're just so yummy) all on a small plate again, with a glass of water.
I just realized that the rain has let up so I think I'm going to get that walk today after all. I've already got Dinner planned for when my mom gets home at about 6:30, I'm thinking spaghetti, with spaghetti sauce of course, and garlic bread, mmmm i can't wait, but i'm not hungry just yet.

This should really turn out great, there are even ice cream sandwiches in the freezer and cookies in the cabinet that I haven't touched. I've been tempted just because I'm used to reaching for that type of thing when I'm bored but when I conciously make a note of the fact that "hey, i'm not hungry, I think I'll have a glass of water instead" it really made me feel good.